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Bar Leader Champion

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Bar Leader Champion


Bar Leader win quarter 3 , 2013 glover

Bar Leader win quarter 3 , 2013 glover number 2

Robbin Glover knocked out the first 5 players at the final table building a monster chip lead of almost 500,000 chips in the first 40 minutes. The chips moved around the table for about an hour and then Brain Lacasse Jr. was knocked in 4th and 2 hands later Rob Lynch finished 3rd leaving Fran Kestner and Robbin Glover heads up. They both flopped top pair and went all in on the turn and Robbin, who was ahead, hit two pairs and won the pot. Congratulations to Robbin and the whole final table!!

Top Gun Award Winner

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Top Gun Award Winner

Congratulations to Richard “Quads Again!?” Jennings for winning the prestigious Top Gun Award  for the Number #1 Overall. Richard started plying with No Limit about a year ago. He won three Bars this season and will start both the Main Event and the Bar Leader Trophy with over 20,000 chips. Richard won a trip to the Bahamas for his achievements. Good Luck at the Big Events this weekend and Congratulations to a great season!!!

Main Event Winners

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Main Event Winners

Main Event Winners

Congratulations to Tony Bitunjac for Winning our Main Event this season. Tony’s home bar, Lucky’s in Jupiter Farms, closed down about 2 seasons ago but Tony still qualified by playing other Jupiter venues and then managed to outlast 29 tables and take down our Main Event for Season 24. Ashley Holtzlander made her trip for Fort Meyers worthwhile by winning our second place Trophy and a $1,500 WSOP seat that comes with that Trophy. David Price, Dana Simon and LLoyd Weber who have been playing against each other for years at Alabama Joe’s and Bru’s Room Boynton Beach and proudly represented their bars by finishing 3rd, 4th and 5th  respectively. David Price wins the 3rd place Trophy and a $1,500 WSOP seat and Dana and Lloyd won full Bahama Cruises. Congratulations to the rest of our winners and to everyone who attended. The rest of the final 2 tables finished as follows:

Main Event Final 2 Tables
1-Tony Bitunjac
2-Ashley Holtzlander
3-Dave Price
4-Dana Simon
5-Lloyd Webber
6-Jeff Williams
7-Mike Sturdivant
8-Rob Anchelowitz Sr
9-Darlene Langley
10-Mike Pizzle
11-Maxx Pritchard
12-Jimmy Chang -
13-Chris Lastra
14-Todd Logan
15-Julie Bugaj
17-Bill Fowler
18-Chad Widup

Poker Mirrors Life – Only one “Poker Life” and Unexpected turns

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Poker Mirrors Life – Only one “Poker Life” and Unexpected turns


Poker often mirrors life. We consistently find ourselves in unexpected and slightly unique situations where we have to make difficult decisions where the outcomes are uncertain. This is even more true in tournament poker where players have only one shot and every mistake can dramatically effect their chance of success. In a freeze out tournament there are no second chances. Once a player loses their whole stack their game is over. A player can lose a few small battles but if they consistently risk their whole “poker life” then they certainly wont last very long. Even in a re-entry tournament a player can only re-enter a few times before the re-entry period is over. It is a finite period and after that a player still only has one life to live. In poker tournaments, as in life, every big decision has to be analyzed carefully and all the variables and all the consequences have to be evaluated before making an educated decision.

The great poker players think of their starting stack as their “poker life” and they are always careful anytime they are investing a significant amount of their stack in any one hand. Great players also consider how much any hand might cost them before they get involved. As we all know, a poker hand sometimes takes an unexpected turn and we find ourselves risking our whole “life” with a weak hand because we flopped two pairs. We slowly become pot committed. Poker, like life, has many unexpected turns and if we are not careful we end up risking everything in a situation where we didn’t even want to be involved. Your poker game is sure to improve if you take your chip stack choices as serious as your real life choices. This is part of the reason poker enthusiasts are so passionate about the game of poker. Enjoy your next tournament and be careful when you are investing more than 10% of your “poker life”.

Miller’s ALE HOUSE – Jupiter, Boynton and Jensen Beach

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Miller’s ALE HOUSE – Jupiter, Boynton and Jensen Beach

The Miller Ale House is privately owned by the Miller Family and combines a great sports bar with a family restaurant atmosphere. They have an affordable menu and their food is top notch. Drink specials everyday and a well trained staff makes Miller Ale House one of our favorite venues.

Miller Ale House has added 4 New Venues to the No Limit Poker Tour.   You can visit the Jupiter Miller Ale House on Mondays.  On Tuesdays you can visit the Boynton Miller Ale House or the Jensen Miller Ale House.   We are hoping the Coral Springs Miller House will be joining up shortly.



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Welcome everyone to No Limit’s newest venture in Florida. We are looking to fill a void in the local Poker News market. Our mission is to provide Florida Poker players with a reliable source of Local Poker News and Poker Strategies. We will include Pub Poker News and a National News feed but the main focus will be on Florida Poker News and Texas Hold’em lessons and strategies. We plan to provide a constant stream of local news and lessons, and we will also be using our Facebook page as a poker forum. We plan to emphasize things like “Player of the Month”, “Best Tournament Structure of the Month” , “Best Bar Poker Venue of the Month” and “Best Poker Promotion of the Month” as just some of the information that we believe every local poker player is interested in knowing. We will also be starting a Blog called “Poker Mirrors Life” to discuss how often poker can mirror the same situations and decisions we sometimes face in life. Most of our posts will be “blog” posts which will allow players to voice their opinions to our posts. If you have an idea for an article then you can email us the idea or you can email us a full article at

Thank you all for your continued support and please use our site as your preferred source for Poker News in South Florida.

September 2013

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anchelowitzOur first player of the month recognition has to go to the Anchelowitz Family for winning so many events in the last 12 months. It all started with Rob Anchelowitz Sr. winning the Main Event in 2012. This was followed by Nick, Big Rob and Rob Sr., each winning a Bahama Event in late 2012 and early 2013. Then for only the second time in No Limit history Nick Anchelowitz won back to back Bahama events at Palm Beach Ale House and CJ’s Drafthouse. Of course Rob Sr. had to retaliate by going to JJ Muggs the next day and winning the Sunday Bahama Event. Congratulations to the Anchelowitz Family for being our First Player(s) of the month and for being our first family to prove that poker is a Game of Skill. Washington has the Bush’s, the NFL has the Mannings, MLB has the Fielders and now NPPT Poker has the Anchelowitz’s.

“Limping Ain’t Easy”

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“Limping Ain’t Easy”

When I first started playing poker, I didn’t understand the right way of betting. I basically just followed the trend. If someone were to limp in, I would limp in after them. I thought that was the norm and if someone would re-raise, then they obviously have a monster hand. After studying the game much further I realized that I was definitely not playing correctly.

To “limp” basically means to call a bet. If the blinds are 50/100 and you limp in, it means that you are calling the 100. I feel that most beginners and even intermediate players tend to limp into pots. They feel that by limping, they will not lose a lot of chips and also by limping they will be able to play more hands cheaply. If someone were to re-raise them then they can easily fold their hand and save their chips.

I have also noticed that if someone limps into a pot and if they are raised on, they will call the initial raiser. Here are my thoughts on this. Firstly, you should never, ever limp into a pot. If you decide to ever play a hand, you need to make a raise to isolate players on your table. Getting to a heads-up situation would be the best scenario. Playing against one other person is much better than you playing against 3 or more opponents.

When you limp and when everyone else limps behind, you are then giving all the players a look at the flop. If the flop is A73 and you have AK, you might be losing to someone who limped in with a 73. By raising you are getting rid of players who are playing those types of hands like 73.
Also, if you are willing to call a raise then you should be willing to make the original raise as well.

Now I know I just told you to never ever limp but there are some circumstances that limping would be acceptable. Some pros will limp with small pairs in hopes of hitting their set for cheap and some pros will raise. With small pairs, the only way you will profit is if you hit your set, therefore if you don’t hit you can easily fold your cards. With hands like AK, AQ, KQ, J10, etc., you will need to isolate by raising since there are more options for you to win based on what comes up on the flop, turn and river.

So remember, no good comes from limping. It needs to be avoided as much as possible!

Good luck and good variance to you all! : )



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