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Bahama Photo 2



Bahama Champs



Renegades hosted another awesome Bahama Event last Saturday. Everyone had a great time as the Tournament slowly turned into a night club. Travis Rogers improved his home field advantage in West Palm by Winning (chopping) his 4th West Palm Bahama Event in the last 18 months. He has had an imprisive run. Troy Orlandi and James McGuiness both chopped with Travis sending all 3 players to the Bahamas.

Bar Leader Champion

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Bar Leader Champion


Bar Leader win quarter 3 , 2013 glover

Bar Leader win quarter 3 , 2013 glover number 2

Robbin Glover knocked out the first 5 players at the final table building a monster chip lead of almost 500,000 chips in the first 40 minutes. The chips moved around the table for about an hour and then Brain Lacasse Jr. was knocked in 4th and 2 hands later Rob Lynch finished 3rd leaving Fran Kestner and Robbin Glover heads up. They both flopped top pair and went all in on the turn and Robbin, who was ahead, hit two pairs and won the pot. Congratulations to Robbin and the whole final table!!

Top Gun Award Winner

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Top Gun Award Winner

Congratulations to Richard “Quads Again!?” Jennings for winning the prestigious Top Gun Award  for the Number #1 Overall. Richard started plying with No Limit about a year ago. He won three Bars this season and will start both the Main Event and the Bar Leader Trophy with over 20,000 chips. Richard won a trip to the Bahamas for his achievements. Good Luck at the Big Events this weekend and Congratulations to a great season!!!

Main Event Winners

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Main Event Winners

Main Event Winners

Congratulations to Tony Bitunjac for Winning our Main Event this season. Tony’s home bar, Lucky’s in Jupiter Farms, closed down about 2 seasons ago but Tony still qualified by playing other Jupiter venues and then managed to outlast 29 tables and take down our Main Event for Season 24. Ashley Holtzlander made her trip for Fort Meyers worthwhile by winning our second place Trophy and a $1,500 WSOP seat that comes with that Trophy. David Price, Dana Simon and LLoyd Weber who have been playing against each other for years at Alabama Joe’s and Bru’s Room Boynton Beach and proudly represented their bars by finishing 3rd, 4th and 5th  respectively. David Price wins the 3rd place Trophy and a $1,500 WSOP seat and Dana and Lloyd won full Bahama Cruises. Congratulations to the rest of our winners and to everyone who attended. The rest of the final 2 tables finished as follows:

Main Event Final 2 Tables
1-Tony Bitunjac
2-Ashley Holtzlander
3-Dave Price
4-Dana Simon
5-Lloyd Webber
6-Jeff Williams
7-Mike Sturdivant
8-Rob Anchelowitz Sr
9-Darlene Langley
10-Mike Pizzle
11-Maxx Pritchard
12-Jimmy Chang -
13-Chris Lastra
14-Todd Logan
15-Julie Bugaj
17-Bill Fowler
18-Chad Widup


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Welcome everyone to No Limit’s newest venture in Florida. We are looking to fill a void in the local Poker News market. Our mission is to provide Florida Poker players with a reliable source of Local Poker News and Poker Strategies. We will include Pub Poker News and a National News feed but the main focus will be on Florida Poker News and Texas Hold’em lessons and strategies. We plan to provide a constant stream of local news and lessons, and we will also be using our Facebook page as a poker forum. We plan to emphasize things like “Player of the Month”, “Best Tournament Structure of the Month” , “Best Bar Poker Venue of the Month” and “Best Poker Promotion of the Month” as just some of the information that we believe every local poker player is interested in knowing. We will also be starting a Blog called “Poker Mirrors Life” to discuss how often poker can mirror the same situations and decisions we sometimes face in life. Most of our posts will be “blog” posts which will allow players to voice their opinions to our posts. If you have an idea for an article then you can email us the idea or you can email us a full article at

Thank you all for your continued support and please use our site as your preferred source for Poker News in South Florida.


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