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December Promo at the Hard Rock

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Along with the High Hand Special,Player Appreciation Drawing and their 50k Freeroll, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is our pick for the best promo for the month of December. Click on the link below and check out what the Hard Rock has to offer.
Seminole Hard Rock December Poker Promo

CardPlayer Poker Tour

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From Dec 5th to the 16th, the Palm Beach Kennel Club will be hosting the CardPlayer Poker Tour. Event 1 is our tournament structure of the month. The 3-flight $345 buy-in event which takes place from the 5th to the 8th of December will have a starting stack of 12k and 30 minute levels for the first 12 levels and 40 minute levels until the end of Day 1(Level 21) or until 12% of the field remains. Along with the 100k guarantee, it is definitely a tournament worth playing.
CardPlayer Poker Tour Event 1 Tournament Structure

“Multi Table Tournament(MTT) Strategy Part 1-The Early Stages”

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“Multi Table Tournament(MTT) Strategy Part 1-The Early Stages”

The number one goal in a poker tournament is to win it. In order to get yourself into that position you will need to survive through various stages where the focus should be more short-term. Many variables change during the course of a tourney like opponents, stack sizes and blinds. These various factors will affect how you adjust strategy as the tournament progresses.

In the early phases, you will have a large stack relative to the size of the blinds. Normally your stack and the average stack will both be considerably more than 50 big blinds.

During the middle phase of the tournament the blinds increase and you will usually have anywhere between 15 and 50 big blinds. Sometimes even less than that. The middle phase usually ends when the tourney approaches the bubble. If the top 100 players get paid in a tournament for an example, the middle phase will stop when there are roughly 120 to 150 players remaining.

Early in the tournament your stack is huge compared to the blinds. It doesn’t cost you a lot to fold weak hands and wait for good ones. Later in the tournament if you are short-stacked, you might be forced to play super aggressive with marginal holdings but that is not the case early on. If a hand looks dangerous, weak or mediocre, fold it! Do not call to grow the pot and then be left to make a tough decision. If the hand flops poorly, you should cut your losses by folding as early as possible.

If you happen to have a very strong hand early you need to turn on the aggression. Make big bets or raises whenever you are given the opportunity.

So remember:
Always play solid hands and do not risk your stack with medium strength holdings.
Avoid marginal hands which often develop to top pair without a solid kicker.
Play very aggressive and straightforward with very strong hands like premium pairs or a set.
Play speculative hands or small pairs if you can see the flop cheaply.
If you miss the flop with speculative hands, let it go without losing any more money.

Good luck and good variance to you all!!!


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Bahama Champs


Travis Rogers forces his way into the early Player of the Month for November. Travis won his 4th Bahama Chop at Renegades last weekend. Once agin these consistent wins prove that this is a game of skill and luck is just part of the ¬†game. Anyone who plays with Travis knows that he will fold a straight draw or a flush draw in the blink of an eye. He is one of those rare poker players who never says lets race OR I know I am behind put I will go all-in anyway. He is a grinder to say the least and is well deserving of No Limit’s Player of the Month after chopping his 4th event in about 18 months. He has also won a $1,500 Wsop seat at one of our Main Events. He has yet to win the Main Event or the Bar Leader Event but it is only a matter of time. Congratulations Travis on a job well done!!


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Bahama Photo 2



Bahama Champs



Renegades hosted another awesome Bahama Event last Saturday. Everyone had a great time as the Tournament slowly turned into a night club. Travis Rogers improved his home field advantage in West Palm by Winning (chopping) his 4th West Palm Bahama Event in the last 18 months. He has had an imprisive run. Troy Orlandi and James McGuiness both chopped with Travis sending all 3 players to the Bahamas.

November Daily High Hand Promo

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During the month of November, the Palm Beach Kennel Club will be doing a $200 high hand promo every 15 minutes. At the top of each hour, the high hand winner will be able to draw for a tournament entry ranging from $200-$1100. You must use both your hole cards to be eligible for the high hand and there is no minimum requirement for best hand.
Palm Beach Kennel Club Poker Info

WPT Rock and Roll Poker Open Event 1

The WPT will once again come down to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino from Nov 13 to Dec 2 for their WPT Rock and Roll Poker Open. There will be 20 scheduled events but the one that will get the best bang for your bucks will be their first event of the series. The 150k guarantee Event 1 which begins on Nov 13 and concludes on the 17th will have 8 different starting flights, 10k initial stack, 30 minute levels and a very reasonable buy-in of $125. It is definitely worth the investment.
WPT Rock and Roll Poker Open Tournament Structure


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